My Services

My Services

Social Media Management:

$200/month/unlimited posting

I will manage any of your social media accounts, with unlimited posts, tailored to your specifications. Websites include Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest boards, Tumblr posts, Instagram and more.

Blog Threads:

$15.00/daily/unlimited groups

Has your blog grown so big that you can’t keep up with blog threads on Facebook anymore? First off, congratulations on your success! Second, I can definitely help you out with this! For $3 a day, I will post and promote whatever you wish, whether it be a blog post, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or anything else!

Blog Posts:

$45/500+ words

Don’t have the time to write blog posts for your business? Let me help you out! I have over eight years of writing experience, including writing for a newspaper and penning my own books. I would love to help your business soar with high-quality blog posts! Posts will be written to your specifications and you have access to unlimited revisions!


“Jenn, is a client-centered person who replied to my order efficiently and on time, the purchase arrived safely and I am delighted with the service that Jenn provided, I wish her continued success with her venture.”
Fee O’Reilly – Client

“Jenn is a pro-active, committed, responsible and reliable leader. Since I met her, and her job touched not only my heart, touched a complete community and is the kind of person our world needs to be better every day”
Stacy J. Hall – Co-Worker